Michel's Performances

Drama, Music, Voice Over, PR photos
last update: Nov 24, 2015
(yet to do: better headshot, letters of recommendation, teaching experience, link to resume for printing, additional skills)

May 2016, King Lear, Edgar, Directed by Jim Dunn

March 2016, Gossamer, Assistant Director, Directed by Lisa Morse

December 2015, MidSummer's Night Dream, Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley, dir. Tina Taylor

October 15, 2015, Revenge of the Space Pandas, College of Marin Brown Bag Theater, "Binky"

September 2015, Misalliance, College of Marin, "Bentley", dir Molly Noble

review in Marin IJ , see photo below

August 2015, Play On!, College of Marin Drama Club, "Billy", dir. Keara Reardon

July / August 2015, In the Heights, Marin Summer Theater, Ensemble, dir. Patrick Nims

June/July 2015, Into the Woods, Marin Summer Theater, "The Wolf" and "Cinderella's Prince", dir. Patrick Nims

as Cinderella's Prince-


SInging Agony with Rapunzel's Prince

as the Wolf-


May 2015, The Seagull, College of Marin, Assistant Director, dir Molly Noble

May 14, 2015, Brown Bag at College of Marin, scene from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern- Michel directs Jennely and Ariana

March 2015, Comedy of Errors, College of Marin, First Merchant and Balthazar, dir Molly Noble

September / October 2014 Little Women, College of Marin, Theodore "Laurie" Laurence, dir Lisa Morse

see photo below

The Taming of the Shrew, College of Marin, Cowboy Henchman, dir James Dunn

this video is of the stunt fall from the balcony


The Mouse that Roared, College of Marin, General Snippit, dir Lisa Morse


March 2012 Drake HS- Servant of Two Masters- Silvio, dir David Smith


March 2012 Drake HS- The Kiss, written and directed by David Smith, Michel plays Tommy



Fall 2012 Amy Winehouse Project by David Smith.


Fall of 2012 Drake Fringe Fest

January 2011 Vahalla to Midgard, Drake HS, dir David Smith

2009 Freshman Year at Drake

2008 - Sherlock Holmes- Doc Watson directed by Jasper Thelin

March 2008 - Bye Bye Birdie




Guitar - mentored by Tom Finch of Fairfax x ? years.

Singing with guitar- La Vie en Rose


Crazy lil Thing


Singing with Adriane



Voice Over



MIchel narates in Spanish for a school project.




  Foggy MST photo  
MIchel in sunglasses as Baltazar
Michel as Baltazar
in James Dunn's surfer version of Comedy of Errors
Michel as Bentley in Misalliance
Michel as Bentley in Molly Noble's MIsalliance
Michel as Cinderella's Prince in Into the Woods
Michel as Cinderella's Prince in MST's Into the Woods
Michel plays Laurie in Little Women
Michel as Laurie in Little Women,
Michel as Cowboy in Taming of the Shrew Michel as the Prince
Michel as the dad in Bye Bye Birdie
Michel as the dad in Bye Bye Birdie
Michel sings Kids in Bye Bye Birdie
MIchel sings "Kids"

Additional skills: Guitar, video production, character creation, dance.