Pet & House Care

Vet -Ken Steele-(415) 451-4838
135 van winkle- in Sleepy Hollow, from house turn R on Butterfield and L on Van Winkle

Doger- Richard will have Doger until July 10
Food is in one of two aluminum trash can outside kitchen door. Please make sure that doors are closed to studio. Terrie will be coming to work in the studio and she doesn't want to get bit by Doger. When people are home, Doger can be tied up in his house under the stairs in the entry- leash is there, or if workers are around and you think he might get less bored you can tie him up on the front porch by the door- leash is there. If he is being to much trouble, friends are here that doger doesn't know and he is barking, you can close him into the back bathroom. When leaving Doger home alone, don't tie him up (dangerous). You can leave him in the entry, close all the exit doors or leave him upstairs, close all the exit doors (bedroom back door, kitchen door, living room door). At night time after neighborhood dog walkers are all gone, you can let Doger out for a while to patrol for deer. Periodically, throwing the ball for him and making him obey your commands will keep him sane. Doger goes nuts if he hears delivery trucks with that low muffler sound. Guys in uniforms are also targets for him. Doger calms down quicker if you go look at what he is barking at and then let him now that "thats enough, good dog" he is now offf duty and you will take care of whatever problem he thinks it out there. You can almost always distract him with food or a ball.

Cats- Food is in one of two aluminum trash can outside kitchen door. Doris- White with black, always wants to come in the house,Peggy- Grey with white, hunter

Snakes- mainly just water is needed. The smaller snake can have water poured through their lids without having to open them. If it makes you more comfortable you can use the cardboard to separate yourself from the larger snakes to add water to their dishes.
Beth may come feed snakes once- she should schedule that with Jerimiah. all 3 snakes ate large rats on June 21. They can go a month without feeding just fine. They do need wate

Birds- food and water almost daily. Watch the pecking order in the largest cage. Please make sure all the cage doors are secure

Plants- handwatering needed on lower patio , around front door, maybe a bit outside bedroom window
Irrigation stations should be on automatic schedule. Map of stations in garden shed

other issues

  • Checks for workers- Terry will take care of that
  • Terrie will have my PO box key and pick up GS mail om San Anselmo
  • Please pick up the mail here daily.
  • Check to make sure upper gate is always closed. Use sling shot on stupid deer in my garden!
  • Garbage comes early Monday AM. Cans to street Sunday Eve.

back up

  • Beth Hada cell- 235-3373 for snakes—
  • Richard Kittle - 510-295-3594 for Doger
  • Pam Selvig- 457-9908- lives walking distance away, scared of doger & snakes but could probably handle the birds, she has rabbits and guine pigs
  • Jerimiah - 464-5700 at work
  • Terrie Baum 460-6727, cell- 272-2164 bookkeeper and Lynette’s assistant-
  • Margaret- 455-8451 architect, lives in Sleepy Hollow, could handle animals too probably
  • Lynette cell- 297-4658
  • George cell- 307-1695
  • Ernesto 408-8433 could help with house problems and the birds
  • Neighbor's- Smiths 456-8540 to the west, Pizza's 457-6616 across the street, gone until 29th.